Born in Italy in 1947 and immigrated in the United States in 1977, Federico (Enrico) Martorano began almost immediately to provide the Italian / American Community with several services, such as Travel, Italian Documents, Income Tax Service and Italian / English translations. To inquire about the quality and accuracy of Enrico's translations, you are invited to contact the Italian Consulate in Chicago (312) 467-1550. In 1991 Enrico opened his own agency "Agenzia Martorano".

Today, after over 40 years of experience, Enrico continues to provide the same services always with pride, courtesy and professionalism; therefore, whether you need: 

- your income tax prepared, 
- book your flight to Italy,  
- translate a document in Italian or in English to submit in Italy or at the Italian Consulate in Chicago, 
- communicating with Italy or requesting a document from Italy, 

all you have to do is to call us at (708) 453-1108. By calling us you will save money and time; you should know that the consolidators we are using have very competitive fares and so we are confident we can offer you the lowest fares available. 

Thank you

Federico (Enrico) Martorano 
Agent / Italian English translator - Tax preparer

Agenzia Martorano